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Join us at the Fletcher I-X Center on April 1st, 2017 between 11am and 5pm.

Enter for a change to win a free Wash and Spray Wax compliments of Idea Finish. Come check out our line product line.

Ideal Finish Mobile Auto Detailing

Professional Auto Cleaning that Comes to You!

You’re busy; your days are filled with family time, work issues and play dates. You can’t stop your whirlwind of activity to wash your car. No matter how many times you plan to do it, something more important comes up. Meanwhile, your car — truck, motorcycle or RV — just gets dirtier and dirtier, which you know is going to take more and more of your time to clean right.

And yet having a clean vehicle is still important to you. It speaks to your perfectionism, your professional standing and your status as a successful adult. If only your car could just wash itself.

Enter Ideal Finish, a mobile auto detailing service that offers professional car cleaning results, not some watered-down version of car wash services. And it’s the only car detailing in Asheville, NC that comes to you whenever you want, wherever you want, and at a price you can afford.

Professional Auto Cleaning that Comes to You!

New to Ideal Finish? Get to know a little bit about us and what we can do to serve you!

A Little Car Detailing Service Goes a Long Way

Your vehicle can become an extension of your character, an outward expression of your personality and passion. A full car detail says you care about how you look; you protect your image and like to take the road in style. Your car, motorcycle or RV has to get you safely from point A to point B, but the time you spend in your vehicle should be comfortable.

Interior car detailing and exterior car detailing, done right, make your ride more enjoyable. A clean interior and exterior can make you sit up in your seat a little straighter. And when experienced vehicle detailing professionals perform your mobile auto detailing Asheville NC-style, you can drive around town knowing that your ride is sweet as it can be.

  • Ideal Finish Mobile Auto Detailing
  • Idea Finish Does Mobile Auto Detailing Around the Asheville Area

Ideal Finish makes you a promise:

“To use only the highest quality products available for a full car detail and combine them with an experienced touch to make your car look its absolute best. You’ll feel confident that your car, motorcycle or RV is in competent and caring hands — your local auto detailing service team will not be satisfied until you are.”
— John Meyers, Jr., owner and operator

Mobile Car Cleaning Service

Before any mobile car cleaning service begins, a crewmember from Ideal Finish interviews you to ensure the car detailing services meet your needs. You know your vehicle better than anyone, and you know what you like. Only you can determine what exceptional local car detailing looks like. You are the only critic who matters.

Following that initial meeting, you can choose from an array of car cleaning services:

  • Performing a hand car wash Asheville-style
  • Spotlessly drying by hand
  • Cleaning tires and rims
  • Applying protective tire dressing
  • Restoring black molding and trim
  • Applying wax sealant protectant
  • Polishing all the chrome
Ideal Finish Mobile Auto Detailing
Idea Finish Does Mobile Auto Detailing Around the Asheville Area
Mobile Detail Service Extras

Auto Detail Service Extras

The appearance of your ride shows the kind of care you give to every aspect of your vehicle. To that end, the Ideal Finish team also offers a few value-added extras. The ultimate mobile auto detailing in Asheville, NC is available.

If there’s something specific you want, ask the Ideal Finish rep, and you may very well get it because your experienced professional car cleaning service team often goes above and beyond to satisfy you. Consider these extras to give your vehicle that special full-car detail experience:

  • Wheel well black-out
  • Car detailing services of a clay bar exterior, which really makes your car shine!
  • Headlight rejuvenation
  • Acid rain removal
  • Scratch and swirl removal

Our Experience

Ideal Finish owner John Meyers Jr. has operated a mobile car cleaning service since 1988. Every mobile detailing service that passes through his company receives his personal attention. You can expect John’s critical eye and professional car cleaning experience with every service. John oversees every job, every day, ensuring that his attention to detail meets your satisfaction.

John has spent years working in car dealerships as a foreman, training others how to perfect their auto detailing services. Dealers relied on John to show their workers just what professional car detailing consisted of and what it could look like.

Before he started car detailing in Asheville NC, John ran a mobile car wash and detailing business in St. Augustine, FL, for more than 15 years. He employed 12 to 20 employees detailing cars at any one time, servicing all of St. Augustine and the nearby Jacksonville area. John’s shop was voted #1 three times in a row for best vehicle detailing.

Professional Auto Detailing

John’s reward is your satisfaction and your referrals. And to achieve that level of trust and credibility, you can be assured that your vehicle always receives the most professional car cleaning services possible. To achieve these goals, John insists on maintaining certain local auto detailing processes that include:

  • Pampering — whether it’s detail car cleaning for a high-end show car or the beloved family sedan
  • Instructions — mobile car detailing Asheville NC-style from Ideal Finish isn’t complete until you’ve been informed and educated about the best way to keep your car looking sharp
  • Clean-up — when your car cleaning services are complete, the Ideal Finish local car detailing professional leaves the work area as neat and tidy as it was when he arrived

Cleaning Service for Fleets

Plans for regularly scheduled local auto detailing for small and large fleets also are available. Whether you have two company cars that need car wash services or an entire fleet of trucks that require mobile car cleaning service, Ideal Finish saves you stress and time by placing you on a mobile wash schedule, as-needed waxing service appointment or any other level of car detailing in Asheville NC that suits your needs and fits your budget.

Call 828-528-1597 or send a message online, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to set up a mobile auto detailing contract — wherever you are, whenever you need it.

What others are saying about Ideal Finish

John- thanks for the AWESOME job you did on my car. It hasn’t been this clean since I drove it off the showroom floor! Your quality, service and pricing are amazing!!

Dari Brookshire Mullins

Thank you, John! The Mini Cooper looks beautiful! I am so glad that you have a monthly service. I am a very happy customer and will recommend you to my friends.

Rebecca Johnson

John does an AMAZING job! I’ve told everyone to give him a call. The best part is he comes to you. No worries of getting a vehicle to him or having a stranger drive your car.

Jayne Strange Williamson

My mom’s been saying how well of a job he’s done on the car and when I saw it I believed her! Thanks for your hard work!

Kristen Elizabeth David

What a top notch company! On time and attention to detail….not to mention a true professional. My car has never looked so good. Thank you and I’ll be calling you again soon!

Al Sartorelli

Thanks again, I had forgotten my car paint was WHITE underneath all that dust, green pollen, dirt, BUGS and grime of constant travels between minnesota and florida.

Sassy David

Very professional an a definite eye for detail, thanks for doing such a fantastic job!

Brenda King

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