On Location at Precision International Auto Repair

It was a real pleasure to do a full auto detail on this  creampuff 1994 Jaguar XKS at Precision International Auto Repair! It’s a rare find with it’s luxurious beautiful gold color and (after applying the paint sealer) it really popped with a three-dimensional look.





Snowey car

Winter Auto Detailing Special

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Winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner so naturally you’re thinking “Hey, it’s time to detail my car!” right? No? It’s ok, we get it. We all know that salt and sand can be damaging to the finish of our cars & trucks, it’s just a little easier to forget when the temperature drops. It’s cold outside and the last thing you want to do is drag the bucket and hose out in the middle of a winter wonderland. Well here’s the good news – you don’t have to, we’ll do it for you. You can sit by the fire with a warm cup of cocoa and watch one of our pros thoroughly clean and protect your car, truck or sleigh – and we won’t even ask for any figgy pudding. You’ve invested a lot of money in your vehicle so take the time to protect that investment with a professional auto detailing from Ideal Finish. From now until the end of December we’re offering our Gold Package for only $99. That’s a savings of over $25!

“But wait – can’t I just run it through the local car wash?”
Well, you can – a lot of people do, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Most commercial car washes recycle the water at their facility. Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of protecting the environment (we use green products and minimal water in our auto detailing) but when we see a line of cars waiting to get into the chute we wonder how much of that salt water is going back on to the surface of your vehicle.

“Ok, so what do I get for $99?
We’ll wash & dry the exterior, clean the tires & rims, apply a protective tire dressing, clean the windows (inside & out), apply a wax sealant protectant, restore the molding & trim, vacuum & shampoo the interior & trunk and condition the dashboard.

“Wow – that sounds pretty good but my schedule is kind of tight. Do I have to get the service done this month?”
Not at all! Order the special before December 31st and you can schedule it now or a later date in 2014.

“So that means….”
Yes – you’re right. These WOULD make great gifts. You can treat yourself or anyone you know that wants to keep their ride protected from the elements and looking great.

“Alrighty, how do I order?”
Just give us a call at 828-528-1597 or use the form below to get in touch with us – either way we’ll get back to you promptly and get you squared away.


Winter Detailing Signup Form



Dramatic Before and After Detailing


This VW Beetle was completely covered in tree droppings and mildew after sitting idle for a year. Obviously this is not something we’d recommend folks, the key to keeping your car looking showroom new is maintaining your finish. That being said, if you DO happen to find yourself on the wrong end of a year of neglect – miracles can happen. We took a little time and some of our Ideal Finish “magic” (elbow grease) and reconditioned this car back to it’s original look.


On Location at Wells Fargo



It was a great day out here at Wells Fargo in Hendersonville. We had an opportunity to detail a Jaguar XK that was in need of a little TLC after the snow and salt from this past storm.