See the Beautiful Cars that We Just Cleaned!

We just cleaned and waxed both of these cars! These beautiful cars are just absolutely beautiful cream puffs! And we love the scenery in the back. Checkout the pictures below! Ideal Finish Auto Cleaning These days, everybody is busy with family time, work issues, and play dates. This whirlwind of activity just gets your car […]

Idea Finish Auto Detailing

Wash Your Car with Our New Products

Our New Products After much work and preparation, we’ve released new auto detailing products that you can use to wash your own car. The long process involved hiring a chemist to come up with unique Ideal Finish products that are high quality and are guaranteed to work. We’re proud to introduce these products today! Supreme […]

Tips for Washing Your Car

Do Have Time to Wash Your Car? Life these days is busy. If you have a family, your life is filled with work obligations, family time, and dates with your kids and/or spouse. In all this busyness, you can find that you care gets rather dirty quickly and in need of a wash. Of course, […]

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Idea Finish Auto Detailing
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