Our New Site is Live!

Today, Monday November 19th, we’re excited to launch our new IdealFinish website! Jeremy Ashburn with PushLeads has done a great job creating our brand new look! Beautiful web design work Jeremy!

Checkout these pages on our new site:

  • Home – learn about our professional cleaning services.
  • About – our story, our process, or history and vision.
  • Our Team – bios of John Meyers and Leo McMillan, our awesome team.
  • FAQ – get answers to common questions.
  • Testimonials – what others say about us.
  • Packages – see what comes with our five most popular packages.
  • Fleet Service – Having a scheduled maintenance contract is not only economical, but keeps your company looking great in the eyes of your customers.
  • Gallery – see galleries of cars that we’ve just cleaned.
  • Blog – regular news updates on cars we’ve cleaned, what inspires us, and more.
  • Contact – reach out and contact us.

We just cleaned and waxed both of these cars! These beautiful cars are just absolutely beautiful cream puffs! And we love the scenery in the back. Checkout the pictures below!

Ideal Finish Auto Cleaning

These days, everybody is busy with family time, work issues, and play dates. This whirlwind of activity just gets your car dirtier and dirtier. “Ain’t nobody got time for this!” The truth is this: nobody really has time to thoroughly clean their cars the way we do! At Ideal Finish, we offer a mobile detailing service that comes to you, wherever and whenever you want.

If you’re busy and don’t have time to clean your own car, give us a call at 828-528-1597 or send us message.

Idea Finish Auto Detailing Our New Products

After much work and preparation, we’ve released new auto detailing products that you can use to wash your own car. The long process involved hiring a chemist to come up with unique Ideal Finish products that are high quality and are guaranteed to work. We’re proud to introduce these products today!

  • Supreme Wash Shampoo: rich powerful concentrated formula gentle enough not to trip delicate waxes or sealants without rinsing.
  • Supreme Multi Purpose Cleaner: rinse free versatile formula that lifts away grime, dirt, and stains. Also equipping with a fresh fragrance that everyone enjoys.
  • Supreme Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Shampoo: breaks up dirt and grime while lifting stains. The deep cleaning formula restores natural beauty with color correcting brightness.
  • Supreme Heavy Duty Degreaser: tackles and disintegrates dirt, oil, and sludge. Ready to be [...]
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